Michele's research

GW science with space-based observatories

Testing general relativity using space-based gravitational-wave detectors

Using GWs to understand the Galactic population of compact binaries

  • Gravitational-wave emission from compact Galactic binaries
    S. Nissanke, M. Vallisneri, G. Nelemans, and T. A. Prince
    Astrophys. J. 758, 131 (2012) [+]

Characterizing the sensitivity of space-based GW detectors

The eLISA science case

  • Low-frequency gravitational-wave science with eLISA/NGO
    P. Amaro-Seoane et al.*
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 124016 (2012) [+]
  • eLISA: Astrophysics and cosmology in the millihertz regime
    P. Amaro-Seoane et al.*
    GW notes 6, 4 (2013) [+]

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